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A smartphone showing an X-Tour 3D Map
Dynamic campus tours

A better tour site, because your students deserve it.

X-Tours combines the capabilities of a custom mapping solution and guided virtual tours with a full-service media production agency to produce a one-stop-shop for effectively increasing enrollment through virtual campus visits and orientations.

A laptop showing on the interface of an X-Tour site.
Real-worlD impact

Increase Enrollment

In order to best serve a diverse student population, we have designed our content and platforms to meet the demand for interactive content that is accessible, visually appealing, and has a high degree of utility. Our practical approach to mapping and tour pages means that your site visitors will have a seamless experience that enables them to explore your campus and increases the likelihood of follow-through applications.

a student uses both the mobile and desktop version of x-tours
A host recording into a 360 Panoramic Camera.
Media Production

Immersive Content

We are unique in the combination of skill, quality, and integration of cinematic media production into our tour sites. Our workflows expand beyond traditional formats, mixing 360° photography, video, and animation.

A Substance camera operator filming a school setting with professional equipment.
content with substance

Full-Service Agency

We are a one-stop, full-service marketing agency with over 15 years experience developing modern, cinematic, and effective media content for education institutions nationwide. From site development and media production, to explainer animations and ad buys, we've got you covered.


Custom Map & Tour Generation

We model your unique campus digitally by deploying optimized map layouts, 3D models, and custom landmarks.

Media Production

Enhance your tour with our paired 360° media production, video production, and photography.

Mobile Optimized

Our platform has been developed with an optimized mobile layout for increased accessibility and audience reach.


Increased Daily Site Visitors


Visitor Completed Tours


Student Application Follow Through


Site Maintenance


Clear Navigation

Our intuitive interface helps site visitors navigate your campus with ease. No more cumbersome cascading panels or confusing tabs. Simple, straightforward interaction through our multi-platform interface and searchable navigation.

An image showing 3 pages of an X-Tour site interface.

Unified Media

Our tours help both prospective and current students get to know your campus better. Guided tours, 360 content, campus resources, photos, and video - all integrated in one place.

A laptop showing on the 2D and 3D map features of an X-Tour site.

Branding Deployment

Keep the visual identity of your campus in sync. We can customize your X-tours site with your campus colors, logos, and assets.

4 panels displaying the styling capabilities of X-Tours to match your needs.

Increased Access

Our tours are built with ADA and 508 compliance in mind, so you can serve your diverse campus population with ease.

The importance of rich and engaging media content is so vital to how we communicate with students, educators, and the communities we serve. Time and time again, Substance has delivered service that not only educates and inspires, but help alter paradigms and advance our mission of educational transformation.

Dr. Kevin J. Fleming


I am so glad I found Substance! Every member of the team is incredibly talented and creative. I completely trust them and often rely on them to help me develop content for our student population. The quality of their work sets them apart, and they have helped my institutions win awards from statewide and national organizations. I am always thrilled with the final product and look forward to working with Substance for years to come.

Melissa Utsuki




Elevate your campus appeal with a beautiful, custom 3D map rendering that captures the essence of your campus, down to the minute detail.
Screenshot of X-Tours 3D Map Interface
Full 3d

Accurate Details

With a complete 3D build of your campus, visitors can see your campus from its optimal angle.


Points of Interest

Appeal to your virtual visitor, by highlighting areas of your campus that  you want to showcase - focusing in on the details that are important.


Stay Up-to-Date

Make a visual impact with up to date campus information and custom location overlays. Keep your campus up to date with dynamic maps that can be updated with new construction, campus buildings, and marker locations.

Three smartphones that are each showing off different areas of an X-Tours site mobile layout.

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